Tuesday, June 08, 2010

So I post only pretty things or things I find interesting. But I live in SW Ontario, where not everything is pretty or interesting. It is only by ignoring a great deal of the surroundings that I get nice-ish pictures. I suppose that is the same everywhere. Would you like to compare? This is the village in which we had a little job to do on Saturday. I was not trying to make this village look bad. Of course, I could have made it look fine by focusing on flower petals or, well, not cornices or anything because there weren't any. Not rain barrels. I stood in one spot nearly, moved a bit, and snapped what I was seeing. Horses! Those are pretty. But they have giant satellite dishes beside them and no thought went into that fence. And so on. Are you in a more depressing place than this? Really sorry if so. I'll cheery up the next post.

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