Friday, February 19, 2010

Won a turtle-counting award yesterday. Yes, sir. It's three of us sharing the big wooden plaque. (We three think we, Jan, Janice, and I, were chosen for our spokesmodel qualities. Why else would Donald, Paul, Cam, Nancy, Harry and Hugh have been left out? Not cute enough, maybe.)
Why is this on a sailing blog? Because I was reminded, during yesterday's powerpoint presentation, of how much I like being on the water. You have to be on water to count turtles, at least the kinds of turtles the Conservation Authority cares about, and I like being on water. Calm or just slightly ripply river water. In a canoe. The paddler is in charge of the canoe. No matter what a skipper says, it is the wind that is in charge of a sailboat.
From what I've seen.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Splicing is fairly fun. It's a little like weaving rugs, maybe more like macramé. It requires cool tools and patience. Since I weave, spin, braid rugs, knit, I am a big fan of activities that require cool tools and patience. I bought Harry a red rigging knife/awl for St. Valentine's Day, and it's a little (okay, a lot) like when he bought a router on my birthday. I may end up borrowing it, especially if my new dream comes true. New dream: that Harry indeed sails among the BVIs and I stay ashore one of them, who cares which?, and pick up rope-splicing jobs. It could work...