Friday, August 16, 2002

You may get a word in edgewise now. And find those hidden archives if you so desire. I mucked about with the template to put in a guestbook and republish the archives. I say this as if I'm a code-writing expert, but no. It involved clicking only. Bravenet is a wonderful help. (By this I mean it does all the work for free - that's a *wonderful help.*) I did it during an electrical storm, though, so that makes me *intrepid.* Have fun with the guestbook. You know, a friend pointed out the other day that I'm using the word *wonky* frequently -- you know how you just seem to settle on a word and use it to death? -- but I think I'm using *mucked* as in *mucked about* too much. Maybe *you know* too, after rereading this.