Saturday, October 23, 2004

You know, I'd forgotten I even started a blog, even had one out there, until I read an article in Utne recently about blogs. "Oh right, I have one," I said. Bit my bottom lip and looked off. Ten months is a very long time between updates, but Saskabush seems to be in about the same boat. (That's a nearly unrelated aside just to make me feel better.) We'll call this blog my stepping stone to bigger things, other sites with information so recent you'll gasp. But I'll be back.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

How did they get so picky anyway? They were raised by someone who eats cheese rinds.
I am concerned about cheese rinds. It comes from travel, of course. Normally, I buy cheese from SW Ont grocery stores and there is nothing like a rind on any of it. Plastic is a little like a rind, but inedible. It doesn't tempt me. Real rinds, that you find at the specialty counter or in Europe (better to go to Europe than to a SW Ont specialty counter) are so delicious. I might say I am hooked on them. Yum. But my daughters, world travellers who have seen somewhere wheels of cheese in warehouses, warn me that the rinds are not to be eaten. They are the part that sits on the floor. They are, certainly, thrown out - cheese rinds always figure in fiction in lists of garbage if lists of garbage are needed for dramatic purpose. And fiction has to come from somewhere. I might have to throw out these cheese rinds from Parma. Ah, but they look so good.