Monday, August 15, 2011

Scary and not scary
It's August, and I've had to sail only twice. Maybe three times. Not bad. On Friday, I went to yoga rather than to the lake because I had signed up for the yoga first. Also because yoga doesn't scare me. See (->), not scary.(The lights around my knees are from the reflector strips on my Mountain Equipment Co-op stretchy pants. They protect me from oncoming yogis. This may make it appear that yoga is scary, but it is not.)
Oh, I hear you. You're saying I should use yoga to overcome my fear of sailing. Well, I did, didn't I? I did yoga instead.
I've been kayaking once, a dawn paddle with my neighbour, Janice. When the three bald eagles (!) went over our heads, my camera told me, "Change batteries." It's good at deciding it needs new batteries for epic shots. It let me take this picture, though.
But you came here looking for scary, so, okay, here you go:
I know! Yikes!